BRUKIVKA International Film Festival

The 2nd BRUKIVKA International Film Festival took place in Kamianets-Podilsky from June 22 to 24. More than 3,200 short films from more than 120 countries were sent to the film festival during the 5 months of acceptance of works. More than 130 works are made in Ukraine. Films were accepted in 4 nominations: professional feature film, amateur film, animated film, and social advertising. 75 films and 20 social videos made it to the finals.

Among the speakers and members of the jury were well-known Ukrainian directors, actors, producers, animators, and bloggers, namely the producer of the films "Red", "He Who Passed Through the Fire", "Ivan Sila", "Strimglov", "Taras: Return", Honored Artist (Kyiv), directors and festival distributors Oksana and Maryna Artemenko (Kyiv), director of the feature film "Watchtower" Yuri Kovalev, (Odesa/Kyiv), director of film and television films Andriy Chernykh (Kyiv), director, producer, host Kateryna Mizina (Kamianets-Podilsky), director of the films "Rule of Battle", "Kruty 1918" and the series "GUARD" Oleksiy Shaparev (Kyiv), screenwriter, director Scenario Workshop Unit Volodymyr Nagorny (Odesa/Kyiv); animator Tetyana Yasinchuk (Chortkiv), blogger, author of the GeekJournal portal Tyler Anderson (Zaporizhzhya) and others.

At the opening of the film festival, the Ukrainian documentary "Myth", directed by Leonid Kanter and Ivan Yasniy, was presented. The film tells about the life of the Hero of Ukraine, a cavalier of the Order "For Courage" of the first century. and the Golden Star, the world-famous opera singer, and soloist of the Paris National Opera, Vasyl Slipak, who left the big stage to become a warrior and gave his life defending Ukraine during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The All-Ukrainian premiere of the documentary film by Chernivtsi director Stanislav Puzdryak "Vocation" ("Project Alpha") also took place.


In addition to showing the competition works, the audience had the opportunity to visit the competition for the best cosplay, in which fans of movies, TV series, comics, books, anime from all over Ukraine competed for special prizes from the organizers of "BRUKIVKA".

Also, three festival days were workshops, where the screenwriter of the feature film "Jijo. Shared his artistic secrets with the guests of the event. Contrabass”, Volodymyr Nagornyi, a member of the expert council for the support of the audiovisual art of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, directors Oleksiy Shaparev and Yuriy Kovalyov, producer Volodymyr Filippov and other famous cultural figures.

Exclusive materials for the feature films "Call Banderas" and the biographical detective story about Vasyl Stus "Bird of the Soul" by screenwriters and directors Serhiy Dziuba and Artemy Kirsanov were presented separately. The master class on animation was conducted by director Tetyana Yasinchuk, during which everyone had the opportunity to learn the basics of creating plasticine cartoons.


Within the framework of the festival, there was a discussion on the topic: "Prospects of Ukrainian cinema", during which the representatives of the cinema discussed further vectors of development of domestic cinema and shared their own plans for the future.


The festival ended with awards and performances by opera singers and rock bands.

"I think that "BRUKIVKA" is a new breath of fresh air in the development of Ukrainian cinema. Kamianets-Podilskyi is a tourist city where many famous films were shot, and that is why I believe that this city should have its own large-scale annual film festival.

We have already started analyzing the results of the festival, doing "work on mistakes" and planning the next "BRUKIVKA". Many famous directors noted that the festival has its own atmosphere. And we are very pleased! In addition, we heard a lot of interesting ideas for the future. I think that the third film festival will be more focused on the mass audience and will pleasantly impress the visitors of the event. To be in Ukrainian cinema!” - Says the organizer and ideological inspirer of the festival Andrii Zaiets.


On all days of the festival, guests of the event had the opportunity to enjoy free coffee, tea, popcorn, and delicious homemade sweets.

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List of winners of the II International Film Festival "BRUKIVKA"


Ukrainian amateur film

1. "Unhappy", directed by Dmitry Chukhran (Severodonetsk, Luhansk region)

2. "Around the cinema", directed by Alexander Sheremeta (Kyiv)

3. "Thimbles", directed by Orest Smilyanets (Kyiv) and "Equilibrium", directed by Ustin Danchuk (Kherson)


Foreign amateur film

1. “You Won’t Leave Me, Right?”, Director Gilb Baldoza (Diliman Quezon City, Philippines)

2. «PM 2.5», Director Piotr Biedroń (Cracow, Poland)

3. "The King is Dead", Director Miguel Lambert (Montreal, Canada)

Ukrainian professional film

1. "Nails", directed by Ahmedi-Ernes Saryhalil (Simferopol)

2. "Another day", directed by Alexander Shimko (Borshchev, Ternopil region)

3. "Anahata", directed by Rita Kuzmina (Kyiv/Chernivtsi)

Foreign professional film

1. "Telephone", directed by Muhammad Bayazid and Samah Safi Bayazid (Syrian Arab Republic)

2. “Game”, directed by Jeannie Donohoe (USA)

3. "Between Mournings", directed by Frederic Debrabant (Paris, France)

Animated film

1. "Sand Traveler", directed by Eric Gissmann (Netherlands)

2. "Irma", directed by Alejo Szczettini (Montevideo, Uruguay)

3. "Toxic Relations", directed by Step Sheung (Hong Kong)


1. "Give life", directed by Artem Dobritsky (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

2. "A Friend Who Will Always Protect", directed by Sofia Yatseiko (Kyiv/Lviv, Ukraine)

3. "Working days of a local deputy", directed by Serhiy Pudich (Odessa, Ukraine)

Special award of the film festival for the best social advertising:​

• "Smartphone", Souvenir Making Club (Kamyanets-Podilsky)

Special honors from producer Vladimir Filippov:

• "Flowers around the clock", directed by Alexander Brovchenko (Kiev);

• “Mana. The beginning of the legend ”, directed by Serhiy Dmytrenko (Volnovakha, Donetsk region)


Best acting game:

• "Strike", directed by Pavlo Hryb (Kyiv)

Distinction for the best cinematography and artistic staging:

• “Crabgirl”, directed by Serhiy Pudich (Odessa)

The best animated Ukrainian film:

• "Anna Rainer - Darkest of Blue", directed by Oksana Kurmaz (Nikolaev)

Special award of the distribution company "Letter to Fest" and a certificate for promotion at 20 international film festivals:

• "Nails", directed by Ahmedi-Ernes Saryhalil (Simferopol)

Distinction for social significance:

• "Strong in Spirit", directed by Vyacheslav Bigun (Kyiv)

Grand Prix of the festival:

• "In a Land of Macho Men, The Queer is King", directed by Dave Carrizosa (Monterrey, Mexico)

Distinctions based on the results of audience sympathy:

• Best Professional Film: "Thank You", directed by Zen Evstigneikin (Kyiv).

• Best Amateur Film: Blanca, directed by Mariana Peña (Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of).

• Best animated film: "Warriors of the Forest 2", directed by Bohdan Savlyuk (Ivano-Frankivsk).

• Best Social Advertising: Animal Court, directed by Oleksandra Brovchenko (Kyiv, Ukraine).

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