CyberBRUKIVKA 2(4)20

IV International Film Festival "BRUKIVKA"

On May 16, on the Day of the City of Kamianets-Podilsky and on the Day of Europe in Ukraine, the IV Kamianets-Podilsky International Film Festival "BRUKIVKA" took place, which this year was named "CyberBrukivka 2(4)20". Due to the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus and quarantine measures, the event was held online on the Twitch, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook platforms, gathering a total of almost 2.5 thousand viewers.

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Denis Budanov, a member of the Ukrainian Film Academy and the Union of Film Critics of Ukraine, was the selector of the films of the national program (Ukrainian Professional Short Film and Ukrainian Amateur Short Film), and Andriy, the organizer of the film festival and director of auteur films and television projects. The winners were chosen by a professional jury: film critics Yaroslav Pidgora-Gvyazdovsky, Alexander Gusev, Anton Frolov and cinematographers Olena Demyanenko and Dmytro Tomashpolsky.

Ukrainian amateur short film:


1 place - Followers (2019), Directors Robert Kuźniewski and Dina Ibrahimova, Ukraine/Poland

2 place - Sir Chub de Pigi (2019), Director Oleksandr Hoisan, Ivano-Frankivsk

3 place (1) - The Elephants (2020), Director Zaur Dzhafarov, Kyiv

3 place (2) - Hunters (2019), Director Sandra Alekseeva, Odesa


Ukrainian professional short film:


1 place (1) - HYPE (2019), Director Viktor Butok, Kyiv

1 place (2) - FAMILY NAME IN THE POCKET (2019), Director Stepan Koval, Kyiv

2 place - DEPENDENCE (2019), Director Valeriia Khodos, Kyiv

3 place - S(HE) (2019), Director Elena Rubashevska, Donetsk


International short film:


1 place - Suitcase Without A Handle (2019), Director Sergei Kuklov, Belarus

2 place - Blue Matter (2019), Director Andrea Gatopoulos, Italy

3 place - Fata Morgana (2020), Director Angelina Komarova, France & Ukraine


Cyberpunk, Post-apocalyptic, Horror, and Sci-Fi short films:


1 place - Fury of the dragonslayer 7 (2020), Director Kolya Burdeiniy, Storozhynets, Chernivtsi Region

2 place - One Life (2020), Director Max Melnyk, Ternopil

3 place - Replica (2020), Director Álvaro de la Hoz, Spain


60-second short film:


1 place - Autumn (2019), Director Jean-Marie Villeneuve, France

2 place (1) - La petite mort (2020), Director Ignacio Rodó, Spain

2 place (2) - It's not over yet (2019), Director Gianluca Granocchia, Italy

3 place - Filter Selfie (2019), Director Elina Pupina, Ukraine


Short films about COVID-19:


1 place - COVID - 19 From Outer Space (2020), Directors Edoardo Nervi, Lea Borniotto and Vera Borniotto, Italy

2 place - Maniacure (2020), Directors Kolya Burdeiniy and Julia Melnik, Ukraine

3 place - The Killing of Time (2020), Director Neil Murphy, Spain