Kamianets-Podilsky Film Festival BRUKIVKA

Cinema is being revived in Kamianets-Podilsky, on November 18, 2017, the first festival of youth short amateur film "BRUKIVKA" took place. More than 50 competition works were submitted to the festival, of which only 10 were from Kamianets-Podilskyi.

The winners were determined by a professional jury, which included directors Dmitry Kubryak, Anna Korzh, and Yuri Kovalev, stunt director, actor Sergei Zhitnikovsky, director of the festival "Cinema and You" Olga Novikova. At the same time, the best short films were chosen by the audience.

In addition to watching movies, those interested had the opportunity to take part in masterclasses and chat with the stars of Ukrainian cinema.

Serhiy Zhytnikovsky, who was born in Kamianets-Podilskyi, spoke about his own work in the film "Rule of Battle" and his experience working with Oleksandr Usyk, Oleksiy Chadov, and the famous British actor Jason Statham.
Another resident of Kamianets-Podilsky, Antonina Kshanovska, shared her experience of working for STB TV channel and studying at the New York Film Academy.

The audience expected the most to talk to the director of the film "Watchtower" Yuri Kovalev, who admitted that he had worked on the production of the film for about three years, and actually gave step-by-step instructions for creating a fantasy, revealing the secrets of his film. No less interesting was the conversation between the audience and Antonina Belinska, who made costumes for the Watchtower.

In addition, an exhibition of photographs of frontline cats and the fox Alice, who arrived at the Ukrainian military, taken in the anti-terrorist operation zone by Vitaliy Gorbulenko, was held at BRUKIVKA.

At the end of the festival and the counting of votes, the results of the voting of spectators and judges were somewhat divided. The third place in the audience was shared by the films "Blind love" (directed by Denis Chorny) and "Subscriber" (directed by Oksana and Maryna Artemenko). The second place was taken by the film "At least 50 kg" (directed by Marina Artemenko), and the winner of the audience's sympathy was the film "Talk to Me" (directed by Kateryna Lesyk).

In the official nominations, the winners were the films "Don't look out the window" by Mykola Bourdain as "The best thriller", "Dinner" by Denis Brylinsky - "The best Kamenets - Podolsk film". Oksana Hrushanska received the award for the script.

The best children's film is "Single Chance" (directed by Alisa Kuznetsova, Anna, and Artem Bondarenko), and the best professional film is "At least 50 kilograms" (directed by Marina Artemenko).

For preserving Ukrainian traditions, the film "The Way of the Cossack" (directed by Tverdyslav Filatov) was awarded, and the best-animated film was the film "Beasts" by Tatiana Yasinchuk.

The main awards went to the short film "Talk to me" by Kateryna Lesyk - third place. The second place was taken by the film "High Mountain" by Vladimir Bakun. And the victory and the cash prize of UAH 5,000 was won by a cartoon from Kamianets-Podilskyi "How a Christmas tree was dressed" by Serhiy Bodnar, who created it together with children of primary school age.

The cinematic Saturday evening ended with a conversation with the Armenian director Artem Barkudr, screenwriter and director Natalia Ogorodnaya, screening of non-competitive films and performances of local bands with covers of songs from famous films.

 "As for the first time - everything happened at a fairly high level. It was nice to see the hall constantly crowded and to know that we are doing this project for a reason. Thank you to the guests of the festival for coming to our event and to the jury for an objective evaluation of the works. I think that next year we will try to make a full-fledged large-scale film festival” - says Andrii Zaiets, the ideological inspirer and organizer of BRUKIVKA Film Festival.

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Shortlist of BRUKIVKA Film Festival


  1. Animated film "How to dress a Christmas tree" - directed by Bodnar Sergei

  2. Drama "Search" - directed by Alexei Pidgainy

  3. Drama "Dinner" - directed by Denis Brylinsky

  4. Drama "Infinite Quest" - directed by Anna Bondarenko and Alice Kuznetsova

  5. Comedy "Subscriber" - directors Oksana and Maryna Artemenko.

  6. Comedy "Loot" - directed by Vladimir Mazurenok

  7. Thriller "Neighbors" - directed by Maria Kryva

  8. Horror "Don't look out the window" - directed by Mykola Bourdain

  9. The historical film "The Way of the Cossack" directed by Andriy Gadai

  10. Drama "Talk to me" - directed by Kateryna Lesyk

  11. Animated social advertising "Beasts" - directed by Tatiana Yasinchuk

  12. Drama "One Chance" - directed by Alice Kuznetsova, Anna Bondarenko, Bondarenko Artem Bondarenko

  13. Comedy "At least 50 kg" - directed by Marina Artemenko

  14. Drama "Atonement" - directed by Vladimir Bakum

  15. The thriller "Mercy" is directed by Kormich Lev

  16. Drama "Euphoria" - directed by Sofia Semenyuk and Rustam Mammadov

  17. Drama "Blind Love" - ​​directed by Denis Black

  18. The comedy "Budget of the Chaplenko Family" is directed by Anatoliy Maly

  19. Parable "Inside" - directed by Alexander Bikov

  20. Animated social advertising "Thank you for the chance to flourish again. Armenians ”(out of competition) - Andranik Berberyan and Andriy Lidagovsky

  21. The film-parable "PARALLELS" - directed by Fedor Oleksyuk

  22. Thriller "Run!" - directed by Katerina Lapshina

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