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BRUKIVKA International Film Festival receives European award "EFFE Label 2019-2020"

The Second International Cooperation Forum "30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall: Europe from the bottom up" took place recently in Berlin. This year's meeting, organized by the Soul for Europe program and the Zukunft Berlin Foundation, was held under the slogan Cities for Europe.

Karl-Heinz Lambertz, President of the European Committee of the Regions, Luka Jagir, President of the European Economic and Social Committee, and Rafal Dutkiewicz, former Wroclaw, spoke at the plenary session to discuss the importance and responsibility of bottom-up initiatives German cities, representatives of cultural initiatives, programs, festivals.

One of the working groups of the forum was discussed by the European Festivals Association (EFA), whose Secretary General Catherine Deventer said: “Europe is a community. And the community is a necessary matrix for the festival. The size of the community can be different. The context of the local community or city is undoubtedly present in the daily dimension of each festival. It can't be otherwise. At the same time, the global dimension is part of the local roots: as a discourse, as something that is present in our daily lives. This is not something "from another world", this is "roots from above". The path to a global community is real when we see Europe as a preliminary step towards global cooperation. EFA, as a festival community, is based on this common passion - a p

assion for "roots from above".

EFFE Label 2019-2020 was awarded to 27 Ukrainian festivals, including the Kamianets-Podilsky BRUKIVKA International Film Festival.

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