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The first festival of independent cinema "BRUKIVKA" will take place in Kamianets-Podilsky

BRUKIVKA Film Festival is the first Kamianets-Podilsky Festival of Independent Ukrainian Youth Cinema, created to support and develop young directors.

Acceptance of works for participation in the first Kamyanets-Podilsky festival of youth Ukrainian cinema "BRUKIVKA", which will take place on November 18, has started since October 1. Deadline for applications: November 10, 2017. And the main prize of the festival is 5 thousand hryvnias.

But interesting participation in the festival will be not only for directors, actors and screenwriters. Viewers will also have a great chance to get acquainted with contemporary Ukrainian cinema.

The main goal of the festival is to support and develop young directors, and not only in Kamianets-Podilskyi. After all, works from all over Ukraine are accepted for participation.

The festival will feature screenings of modern Ukrainian cinema, master classes by famous directors, actors and everyone involved in film production. The main location of the festival is the 7 Days Hotel.

The BRUKIVKA Film Festival in Kamianets-Podilskyi will be attended by:

  1. Yuriy Kovalyov, the director of the first Ukrainian big-budget fantasy “The Watchtower”;

  2. actor and teacher of acting Palo Lee, known for his roles in "The Gallery", "Shadows of Unforgotten Ancestors" and "SELFIEPARTY";

  3. short film director Anna Korzh (SUK "Contemporary Ukrainian Cinema"), who is the curator of such projects as "Open Night", "DOCUDAYs" and a film competition at "GOGOLfest";

  4. martial arts master and stunt director for Ukrainian and foreign tapes Serhiy Zhytnikovsky and many others.

On November 18 at 16:00 in the framework of the film festival "BRUKIVKA" there will be a screening of the best short films of Ukraine 2015-2016 in the almanac from SUK - "OIFF: THE BEST SHORT"!

The Almanac consists of four short films - winners of the Odessa International Film Festival 2015-2016: "Distance" (directed by Kateryna Hornostay), "Men's Work" (directed by Marina Stepanska), "It was raining in Manchester" (directed by Valeria Kalchenko and Antonio Lukic) and "Nail" (directed by Philip Sotnichenko).

The films presented in the almanac won not only at the Odessa Film Festival. "Distance", for example, received the award for best film of the national competition at KIFF "Molodist 2015" and WIZ ART 2015, and director Maryna Stepanskaya received a special award for a powerful ensemble of actors and impressive directing work with actors at KIFF "Molodist 2015".

The OIFF Almanac: Best in Brief is a delicious mix of genres from retro drama to lyrical comedy. Such diversity of the winners of the Odessa Film Festival should inspire the Ukrainian audience to move away from the stamped everyday life and live in their own way.

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