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The winners of the third BRUKIVKA International Film Festival were awarded

The 3rd BRUKIVKA International Film Festival took place in Kamianets-Podilsky from September 11 to 15. BRUKIVKA is the largest independent non-profit film festival in Ukraine. Visitors of the event had the opportunity to attend free screenings of competitive and non-competitive programs, workshops, lectures, meetings with directors, producers, screenwriters, and actors.

During the 5 days of the festival, in addition to watching films, visitors watched the 3D projection show "Chrono-Lever Levarius and the Cursed Aurinia", the cosplay contest "Brukivka's Cosplay Battle", cover contest, Transformers show, and during the round table had the opportunity to discuss development. Ukrainian cinema.

This year's film festival was held at 6 locations: Old Fortress, ZAGATA pub, Barbershop 11.43, Sazhotrus restaurant, Yunost cinema, and the city House of Culture, which contained the largest number of various events.

The 3rd BRUKIVKA International Film Festival was attended by the director and artistic director of the Mask Show Theater Georgy Deliyev, Ukrainian playwright, director Oleksandr Denysenko, screenwriters of ''Forbidden'' Artemy Kirsanov and Serhiy Dziuba, and many other representatives of Ukrainian cinema.

The jury in various categories included Insight Media producer Volodymyr Filippov, screenwriter, director Volodymyr Nagorny, US producer Nika Finch, members of the Ukrainian Film Academy and the Ukrainian Oscar Committee Denis Budanov and Oleksandr Gusev, founders of the Festival Festival »Sisters Maryna and Oksana Artemenko, director and animator Tetyana Yasinchuk, actor and blogger Vitaliy Gordienko.

The festival was attended by more than 300 participants from Ukraine, the United States, France, and Germany and was attended by more than 4,500 spectators.

About 800 works from 72 countries were sent to the film festival in such nominations as short, animated, documentary, feature, and horror film. Within the framework of the competition program, 90 works of participants were selected.

Films of the BRUKIVKA film festival

The documentary program of the festival was opened by the film "The Rise and Fall of Brown Buffalo" by American director Philip Rodriguez, produced by Oscar-winning Benicio Del Toro. Also in the program of international documentaries was the film "Baba Babi Said", which tells the little-known story of Ukrainian children on the line of the Nazi-Soviet front in World War II. The director of the film is Matei Siletsky from New Jersey, who visited the film festival to personally present the film to the audience. And this year’s Oscar nominee for Gulag Women, Mariana Yavorskaya.

French directors Sammy Hossenny, Oleksandr Brecher, and producer Oleksandr Silehovych presented their own film "Messages in a Bottle". The film tells the story of a teacher from the city of Yaounde, who uses music to interest children in the Pygmy forests to go to school.

Ukrainian documentaries were represented by the film about the life of Ukrainian director Leonid Kanter "Man with a Stool" by Yaroslav Popov, "The First Hundred" by Yaroslav Pilunsky, "A View from a Wheelchair" by Oleg Pavlyuchenkov, and "Kharkiv Holocaust" by Anton Galushka-Adaykin.

The national full-length program was opened by the film directed by Oleksandr Denysenko “Taras. Return", which tells about the period of Taras Shevchenko's exile in Kazakhstan. There was also a special screening of the film "Forbidden" and a meeting with its screenwriters Sergei Dzyuba and Artemy Kirsanov. It is a feature film, a biographical drama, a metaphorical story about the tragic and mysterious death of the most powerful poet of the sixties, human rights activist, a hero of Ukraine Vasyl Stus, and his struggle with the system.

During the creative meeting with Georgy Deliyev, the presentation of the film "Odessa Throw" took place. According to the plot, the eccentric and childless Odessa artist, Sir Pinchus, who dreams of grandchildren, decides to first adopt an adult son. And finds Arkasha, a 50-year-old buffoon who has been released from the colony and works in the baby's house as a fireman. This is a classic comedy of provisions and at the same time a comedy of characters, a funny and a little sad story about Odessa and the people of Odessa, so different, but somewhat similar.

As part of the national program in the category "Full meter" was presented a mystical and philosophical thriller with elements of drama and detective "13 bus". According to the script, the conversation with the Woman, who is waiting at the stop of the non-existent thirteenth bus, becomes a turning point in the lives of all her interlocutors. Andriy Ivanyuk's film "Skhidnyak" was shown in the same category. Starring Bohdan Beniuk and Anatoliy Maksymyuk, who are driving an old car in the anti-terrorist operation zone between the front line and frontline villages. The film has a tense atmosphere, sometimes the actors spit out words with machine-gun speed, constantly being nervous.

For children and adults, the film "Bobot and the Energy of the Universe" was shown - a Ukrainian family science fiction film made by Maksym Ksenda. The film tells the story of a 12-year-old dreamer who finds himself at the center of a confrontation between two extraterrestrial forces. The international program includes three feature debuts by directors from the United States - "Banana Peel" by Benjamin Kasulke, "Wasted Hours" by Peter Mahaffy, "Artic" by Tom Botchi, and the film "Minor" by Ulysses Lendaro from Italy.

The short program consisted of 9 films from Italy, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Turkey, Brazil, Israel, Poland, Slovakia, and Germany and 34 films from Ukraine.

Night of horror movies in the Old Fortress

This year, one of the main locations of the film festival was the Old Fortress, where on Friday, September 13, the official opening of the III International Film Festival "BRUKIVKA" took place.

After the opening of the red carpet, the performance of famous Ukrainian bands and the competition for the best cover of the famous soundtrack began. There were also creative meetings with Ukrainian directors and a presentation of the project of the film "Bandits" by Volodymyr Nagorny and Georgy Deliyev.

The evening of cinema in the Old Fortress began with a feature film by Zen Yevtsigneikin "Delicious", which was created with the support of the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine. German director Oliver Moore presented his new film "BENZIN", which starred the famous Ukrainian actress Kateryna Molchanova.

During the screenings, the audience had the opportunity to see the best short horror films of national and international competition programs. At midnight, the organizers of the festival presented the first part of the anthology of horror films about Kamyanets-Podilsky "The CERVIDAE" directed by Andriy Zaiets.

Projection 3D-show "Chrono-traveler Levarius and the Cursed Aurinia"

On Friday, the Papal Tower (Karmalyukova) Tower hosted a grand theatrical light 3D show "Chrono-Lion Levarius and the Cursed Aurinia" with the participation of the Link Theater and a fire show. Professional project manager of Ukraine Yuriy Gurin, theater and film actor Valery Svereda, director Andriy Zaiets and Kamyanets-Podilsky Link Theater worked on the project. In addition to modern special effects, the play involved the interaction of the heroes of the 3D projection and live actors.

Brukivka’s Cosplay Battle and Robot Show

For the second time, Brukivka’s Cosplay Battle cosplay competition took place at the film festival, which once again gathered participants in fantastic costumes and a full audience.

List of winners of the film festival

Grand Prix of the film festival: New Year in the family circle, director Maxim Nakonechny, Odessa

Ukrainian competition program

Feature film: Taras. Return, directed by Alexander Denisenko, Kyiv

Short film: In our synagogue, directed by Ivan Orlenko, Vinnytsia

Horror short film: Do not go to the bar in the evening without reading a review about it, directed by Stanislav Puzdryak, Chernivtsi

Documentary: The First Hundred, directed by Yaroslav Pilunsky, Kyiv

Animated film: Until it turns black, director Anastasia Falileeva, Kremenchuk, Poltava region

Social advertising about elections in Ukraine: Maybe enough?, directed by Daria Zagrebelna, Dnipro

International program

Feature film: Imperfect Age, directed by Ulysses Lendaro, Italy

Short film: Drops of the Moon, directed by Joram Ever-Hadani, Israel

Horror short film: Bye, bye, baby, Pablo S. Pastor, Spain

Documentary: Message in a Bottle, directed by Sammy Gossennir and Alexander Brecher, France

Animated film: Starvation, directed by Zahra Rostampur, Iran

The best trailer: Tattooist, directed by Michael Wong, China

The best poster: Rejected by Etem Onur Bilgic and Onur Dogan, Turkey

The best Ukrainian poster: Non e Vero, authors Serhiy Pudich and Vasyl Moldavchuk, Ukraine

Special awards of the film festival

Best Actor: Yuri Shulgan Taras. Return, directed by Alexander Denisenko, Kyiv

Best Actress: Anna Topchiy Taras. Return, directed by Alexander Denisenko, Kyiv

Best Director: Dmitry Sukholitky-Sobchuk WEIGHTIST, director Dmytro Sukholitky-Sobchuk, Chernivtsi

The best cameraman: Alexander Krishtalovich Taras. Return, directed by Alexander Denisenko, Kyiv

Best case scenario: There will be no miracle today, director Oleksandr Logutov, Kyiv

Best effects: Bobot and the energy of the universe, directed by Maksym Ksenda, Kyiv

Special awards of the jury

The best cameo: Olesya Anastasyeva in The Night Express, directed by Oksana Artemenko and Maryna Artemenko, Kyiv

Eastman, directed by Andriy Ivanyuk, Kyiv

Mykola Podrezan, for the inspiration to live and create

Bottle, directed by Yegor Bondarenko, Kyiv

On the Swing, directed by Polina Piddubna, Kharkiv

Shhh, director Jonathan Mordechai, Israel

Kindling, directed by Stacey Ruszczak, Poland

Saturn in Leo, directed by Anna Shagadin, Croatia

The best cover for the soundtrack of the famous movie

1. Janis Savolainen - What I've Done - Linkin Park (Transformers) 2. Inception - Spirit - Beyonce (Lion King) 3. Expansion - Lose Yourself - 8 Mile (Eminem)

Best cosplay

The best group fashion show:

Ivanna Alexandrova - Aknavela, anime "Hellsing Ultimate" heroes of "Lady Integra and Alucard" Alexandrova

The best solo fashion show: Ivanna Alexandrova - Aknavela, the game "Dota 2", hero of "Drow Ranger"

Best costume design: Elizaveta Prokopenko - Hiroshiko Akiro, the game "Diablo 3", hero of "Crusader"

Best image: Serhiy Shmyrko - Altair, game "League Of Legends", a hero of "Dragonblade Talon"

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